NaCreSoMo Tribute

Today is the last day of NaCreSoMo. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been spending all weekend working on my final Creation. I’ve been planning this for a while…pretty much since (a) I realized that the last two days of NaCreSoMo were a weekend, and (b) Max (Maxuel) posted the perfect soundtrack. Here it is: my tribute to the multitalented participants of NaCreSoMo 2013.

NaCreSoMo Status Update

Tomorrow’s NaCreSoMo post is gonna be awesome.

(I spent all today working on it.)

I will leave you instead with this riddle poem:

I live overhead
Wait for what’s inside my head
To show others what’s ahead

And though I cannot move
When bright ideas come to you
I will often be there too.

What is it?


Today is the antepenultimate day of NaCreSoMo! I do love that word, though it will be a little sad for the month to end.

Getting away from the stories, today’s post is a tiny tiny little text adventure, inspired by a project for the class I TAed back in college.

There are lots of computers here. [up, code]

? up
Soda Hall
The home of Computer Science at UC Berkeley. [down, out]

? out
The Outside World
It's bright. You are likely to be eaten by a flyerer. [in]


But to give it an extra twist, I wrote it in Lolcode.

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