The Great Secret of Computer Science

There are two, I suppose. The first, in the words of Professor Brian Harvey:

The biggest secret in Computer Science is that it’s not a science and it’s not about computers.

And the second, in the words of me:

Computer science isn’t hard because we made it up.

Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I couldn’t review the last Hunger Games movie because my opinion wasn’t so clear, and I couldn’t answer the central question of “who should see this movie?”. The sequel, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, was a lot less frustrating personally in terms of deviation from the book; there were only one or two major grievances I had with the movie. I enjoyed it.

So this time, the entire “review” will be about whether or not you should watch this movie.

Pet Peeve: "I will NEVER understand women."

I generally dislike blanket statements based on ethnicity, occupation, whatever. I’ve already said quite a bit about this in a post called “Stereotypes”, so today I’m just going to describe a particular instance of this that arbitrarily bothers me more directly than the others.

“Men are pigs.”

“I will NEVER understand women.”

“I am so done with men.”

“Women are so f**ked up.”

“Men can be terrible terrible people.”


Seriously? You’re going to accuse literally half the population of Earth of being jerks?1 Because of the actions—however awful—of one individual? (Or possibly a few dozen, if…