Graph Coloring the Sonobe Model, Part 2

Following up on yesterday’s post, today I managed to get the right graph generated, one that actually represented Gashley’s 30-Unit Sonobe Model. Again, this is essentially a “spiked dodecahedron”, where every vertex of a normal dodecahedron has been turned into a three-sided “spike”. Once again, the computer processed the graph quickly, and once again it found a valid 3-coloring.

Sorry, Gashley.

The coloring algorithm from yesterday didn’t change; what’s different is how I generated the graph. This time I took the original faces of the dodecahedron and broke them apart, then added edges between the vertices that used to be a single vertex. Here’s an example of how this would work with a cube; the same idea applies to dodecahedra but I can’t draw those.

Once again, the (updated) program is available as a Gist on Github.

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