Traced Portraits and Remixes

Today’s post for NaCreSoMo is an update on my Traced Portrait Project.

I started this project last June: draw (trace) one stylized black-and-white portrait every week for an entire year. I haven’t quite managed to put a new post up every week, but if you count the number of faces then I’m actually on track, possibly even ahead. I’m past the half-way point, so I think I’ll be able to make June, no trouble.

This particular image includes past NaCreSoMo participants Lily, Rebecca, and Max, along with another friend named Patricia and myself. The name, “The Choir of Acxiom”, refers to a one-off singing project the five of us put together last December. (If you know what I’m referencing, I’ll send you the arrangement.)

I’ve drawn a few other NaCreSoMo-ers for this project already: Theresa, Will, Josephine, Patricia, Evelyn, and Shana. You can check out all the portraits I’ve done on my Flickr. If you want me to do one for you, message me or comment here!

Since that wasn’t a new challenge, though, I thought I’d post a very tiny teaser of another project I started today, code-named “Dark”. I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to execute it. We’ll see.

And since that was probably disappointingly short, here’s my three-chorus rearrangement of Vienna Teng’s “Never Look Away”. (The original song jumps straight to the end after the second chorus, and it always felt a bit short to me.)

Vienna Teng is awesome in that she’s made the mix stems for her latest album freely available under a Creative Commons license. Compared to simple instrumental/vocal tracks, real stems feel like so much power…which I still need to learn how to use.