Determination (Part 7 of 11)

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Three is a magic number. It was three days between Matthew’s near-fatal accident and the power outage at the store. Three days between Lady’s Erica first appearance at his apartment and her second.

Bad things come in threes.

So despite knowing he was being superstitious, Matthew was on edge from the moment he woke up Saturday morning, jolted awake by a dream in which the witch sat with her usual opaque expression in the tree outside…

Happy Lunar New Year

In all honestly I’m not feeling so happy, nor hopeful for the new year. But

The fortune teller sighed. “It will get worse before it gets better.”
“Is there nothing we can do?”
“Of course! That’s why it gets better.”


"Will I hide you?"

Fair warning, friends. I have a new standard for letting non-Jewish people in my life, and it’s called “Would you hide me?”

It goes like this: Would you hide me? If your answer isn’t obviously and immediately yes, you’re not allowed in my life.

(from Max Goldberg’s “I’m Jewish. Would you hide me?”)

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