Determination (Part 8 of 11)

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Matthew drove slowly on the way to the airport. Pat was getting in late enough that the rush hour traffic should have died down, but the roads still seemed more crowded than usual. It didn’t help that Matthew didn’t drive much these days—he felt rusty. Consciously he loosened his grip on the steering wheel, then took a hand off completely to flip on the radio for a traffic report.

Funny what technology sticks around, he thought as…

NaCreSoMo 2017

There’s been a lot going on lately, and so it wasn’t even on my mind. But when past participant Josephine said she was doing NaCreSoMo again this year and asked if I was, what could I say?

NaCreSoMo: Are Cat Pictures Still A Thing

"Dekiru Kagiri"

Two weeks ago we were doing a roleplaying exercise in my Japanese class, practicing making complaints politely. Before we started, our teacher asked us to work in some of the grammar patterns we had learned that day. We must have looked apprehensive, because he smiled and added「できるかぎり」– “to the extent you are able”, or perhaps “as much as you can”.

This phrase stuck in my mind well beyond the end of class. Partly I think there’s something about the rhythm – “de-KI-ru KA-gi-ri”1 – but that wasn’t all of it. できる限り。できる限り…

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