"Rescue My Heart" (WIP 2)

I mostly spent today studying for my Japanese final and, um, rereading Umineko, but I managed to put in a bit of effort on “Rescue My Heart”, that digital painting from last week.

It’s coming along slowly but nicely—there’s nothing in this piece that’s totally beyond my abilities, although there are certainly some rough patches where it’s not going to look as good as what someone else might do.

Today’s breakthrough was putting the “horizon” lessons from last time into practice, which meant that the perspective on the buildings actually looks good. It’s still blowing my mind that the mathematical and optics rule of “all parallel lines converge to a point in projective geometry” means that I can pick a point on the horizon and draw lines out from it to make buildings. I’m sure this is something like lesson 3 in a beginner “realistic painting” class, but it’s new to me.

(I meant to make an animation showing this, but it’s already late today. Maybe later in the week.)

I’m debating whether the tree should have visible roots in the “underground”. Opinions?

Part of NaCreSoMo 2017.