"Rescue My Heart" (WIP)

Today’s piece for NaCreSoMo is a WIP of a digital painting I started today.

The piece is called “Rescue My Heart”, being primarily inspired by the Liz Longley song of the same name. I think this WIP already gives away the primary conceit, but I’ll wait to say more about the piece until it’s done. Unfortunately, the ground was probably the fun part; now I have to draw a street and buildings, and those can’t be procedurally generated.

“Procedurally generated?” Yes, actually. The effect for the background ground is a layer of Perlin noise (“Photoshop clouds”) over solid brown, put through a “Crystallize” filter. It’s almost exactly the effect I wanted, though I might put some shading on the facets in later.

The other interesting thing about this WIP is that I’ve deliberately called out the horizon, on the advice of a tutorial on DeviantArt that I can’t find anymore. Adding the scale figure where there’ll be a person helped with this: I didn’t want to be looking down at the figure too much, and so the eye line couldn’t be too far above their head.

Painting really isn’t my thing, analog or digital. I’ve eked out a few kinds of drawing I’m comfortable with (simple sketches and the traced portraits, to name two), but this sort of full-scene thing is just bound to go awry. But that’s also what NaCreSoMo is for for me: a kick to just get started doing something I might not have done otherwise. And in fact I did a digital painting for the very first NaCreSoMo as well, “A City on a Lake”.

I’m drawing this using Acorn, which is a nice little image editing app for the Mac that isn’t as heavy as Photoshop or GIMP. Hopefully I’ll finish it this month.

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