Psycho-Pass 9: "Paradise Fruit"

Oh man, I took so many screencaps in this one. I’ll try to resist putting them all in here.

The episode starts off with the aftermath of Episode 8, and Ginoza deliberately bumping past Tsunemori to talk to Kogami.

(shoulders collide)

Rude. At least he’s come to apologize to Kogami. Even Kogami’s surprised by this, but accepts graciously.

Psycho-Pass 8: "And Then, Silence"

Episode 8 starts off fast: after a recap and the opening credits, we find the school under lockdown…and Advent Child casually visiting Rikako.

(staring broodily out the window of the art room)

Seems risky! Can’t they just keep texting? Oh well, it’s only episode 8, so he knows he’s not getting captured yet.

Psycho-Pass 7: "Symbolism of Bletilla Striata"

The title for Episode 7 literally has the word “symbolism” in it. Someone at Production I.G. is laughing at me.

(I also didn’t know what “bletilla striata” was; apparently it’s an orchid used to treat ulcers. The Japanese title uses 花言薬はなげんくすり, which just means “floral medicine” and has a bit more pun value.)