Psycho-Pass 15: "The Town Where Sulfur Falls"

The year: 2112. All online interaction takes place over Nico Nico Douga.

(videos of riots with comments floating by)

Psycho-Pass 14: "Sweet Poison"

They’re finally figuring out what to do with the new intro theme; the graphic novel style works way better than the fragmented glass thing they were trying before.

(opening credits from episode 14: a stylized, slightly Western-style version of the characters)

It’s too bad they’re working these issues out in production, but I guess that’s still better than the alternative.

Psycho-Pass 13: "Invitation from the Abyss"

We return to the present to find Ginoza talking to his psychiatrist. He’s…not doing well. The psychiatrist recommends a “simpler” solution than what he’s been doing, and I think it’s going to be drugs, but no, he just wants Ginoza to talk to someone. Too bad there’s no one in his life to talk to. *cough cough*