Psycho-Pass 19: "Transparent Shadow"

Remember Ginoza’s therapist?

"Your Hue is in a critical state."

They’re meeting in the dark, in front of a fireplace. Even though we later see that it’s still daytime. I know we’re supposed to be doing symbolism for things coming to an end, but this is a bit much.

Psycho-Pass 18: "A Promise Written on Water"

Things are falling apart (no pun intended). The crew goes to check out the wreckage of the supposedly-unmanned police plane that had been carrying Makishima. Except…

Drone: "You are not eligible for that information."

It is not a good sign that they’re being denied information at a crime scene.

Psycho-Pass 17: "Iron Heart"

Ahhh…back to the good stuff. Much more to say on this one.

The episode opens with the aftermath. Ginoza’s crew wonders if it’s really over…but even if it is, they’ve still got one thing left.

"In Division 2, as well, an Enforcer escaped in the confusion."