"False Hopes" (DDLC 5)

You leave me jumpy
I leave you a promise
You make me laugh
I give you vertigo

My heart goes doki-doki
There’s music in the air
I’m feeling unrestrained
It’s like an anime love story

And it feels wonderful but

These fluffy feelings
Thoughts of a kiss
Turn into something to covet
What did I miss

When amazing turns to clumsy
Flying to defeat
And it’s already a no
But I still feel it in my heartbeat

And an eternity in mind
Just went poof cause I’ve been blind
Things are horribly mistaken
I don’t trust the road I’ve taken
You can’t trust who I’ve become
Or perhaps it’s who I was all along

Aaaaaaand I think I’ve finished Doki Doki Literature Club. Well, technically, there’s some amount of more content, but if it’s going to go meta then I’m going to refuse to play along. Unfortunately, that probably means I can’t write a proper review. If you’re wondering where I stopped, it’s near the beginning of Act 3, when Monika asks you to stay with her and you only have one option, “Yes”.

(I was a little wrong about the disturbing-ness in the last post; there was one more for-shock-value element that jumped back up, though not quite as high as the first one.)

This poem—a song, actually—is a bit less about the game content than the previous one, although I have another of those placeholder spoiler tags. I did stir in some other song references this time.