Review: Butterfly Soup

Here’s how Brianna Lei bills her short visual novel Butterfly Soup:

A visual novel about gay asian girls playing baseball and falling in love.


  • harold they’re lesbians*
  • 3-4 hours long
  • memes

*except not really, one of them is bi

That is pretty accurate, and so this review is going to be pretty short.


Miki’s eyes snapped open.

Pink curtains. Stuffed animals.

Rather, Tatsuko’s eyes snapped open.

Here we go again.

For about two months now, Maebara Miki and Teraoka Tatsuko had been experiencing what the internet was calling “Kimi-byō”, or “You Syndrome”. About once a week, the two high school students would wake up in each other’s bodies, an experience that would usually last until they went to sleep at night. The phenomenon seemed to only be occurring in Japan, although there were a few unconfirmed reports from South Korea as well. When the first cases had been discovered, scientists from all over…

Review: Erased

Erased (originally 僕だけがいない街1) is a story of a man who falls back in time to his childhood and realizes he has a chance to save his middle-school friends from a serial killer who preys on lonely children.

Heck of a conceit, right? Don’t worry, that’s only a spoiler for the first episode.

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