Sarazanmai 7: "...But I Want to Betray"

The episode title is back to “but”, so…I guess this’ll be another downer episode. …Oh, it’s Leo’s backstory. Also just the otter () / lie () pun over and over again, which the subtitles had to make up for in other ways.

Otter in a lab coat: "I am the Otter Empire's Chief Otticer of Science and Technology"

Sarazanmai 6: "...So I'm Not Giving Up"

Hey, the episode title changed! Now it’s something positive! We must have reached some kind of inflection point—well, I guess we just passed the half-way mark in an 11-episode show.

The theme of this post is Missed Translation Wordplay Opportunities.

Sarazanmai 4 & 5

“I Want to Connect, but You’re So Far Away” and “…but I Can’t Be Forgiven”. I didn’t have enough to say after watching Ep 4, so I decided to combine the two and therefore catch up to the releases. A week till the next one!