A Postcard from the Pleiades

Hello, Earth, good to see you
You’re looking well today
Greenhouse gasses fairly low
Sorry for the time delay

Everything’s good on my end
My cold has gone away
I think I’m gonna stay another year

I’ll be home before you know it.

Hello, friends, hello, family
You know I miss you all
I still feel like I just left
And I wish that I could call

But I’ve found I have a home here
Everyone’s nice to me
It’s good to get away sometimes
And get the chance to see what really matters

Sometimes we forget what really matters.

Hello everyone in orbit
Around our yellow Sol
It’s so hard to say goodbye here
My life is now so full

I think that this is best for me
Take some time to figure out
What I want to do with my life
And what life’s all about, while I’m still young

Musically, very much like OneRepublic’s “Come Home”. Inspired by the experiences I and several friends have had abroad.

Last entry in Poem-a-day 2012! Title donated by Shane H.