A Sad Excuse for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A single slice
of slightly stale wheat bread
barely toasted on one side
fully roasted on the other
black scraped off with the same butter knife
used to spread a thin layer of margarine
across the back.

Sliced into
uneven triangles
so that one’s more of a quadrilateral
and the other sticks out over the edge
cause it was put on backwards.

With a single
of American cheese
most of which dripped off
in the toaster oven

Set on a plate
that’s much too large
stained curry-orange in spots
and not quite flat on the bottom
so it wobbles when you set it down
and with a chip near the lip
near the edge.

Makes a sad excuse
for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Part of NaNoWriMo Penance. This title was donated by Sarah F.