Hgalkh! 3AM!

The word was passed by message and text
And soon there wasn’t a one of them
Who hadn’t heard of the event:
Hgalkh! This night at 3AM.

I was one of the first to know
The first to plan, and tell my friends
And take this opportunity:
Hgalkh! Before our childhood ends.

We snuck out of our parents’ homes
Climbed out windows, left our beds
And came out to the football field
Hgalkh! What every student dreads.

Entire classes must be here
But my friends soon met up with me
We stood beneath the moonless sky
Hgalkh! We waited anxiously.

And then it happened, like a wave
The same for everyone, I bet
That feeling that you can’t describe
Hgalkh! A night I won’t forget.

And as it ended, Sam looked my way
And we knew it was meant to be
Those smiling eyes stood out that night:
Hgalkh! And what it’s given me.

Somehow reminds me a bit of Plaid Flannel and the Space Hipsters. Maybe it’s the repetition.

Part of Poem-a-Day 2014. Title donated by Karan M.