I Wish You Would

He walked in in the morning
With a bagel on his plate
The door swung shut and by the clock he’s
Five minutes late
But no one noticed, no one cared,
And it’s not as if they should
You wouldn’t ask if anything’s wrong
…But I wish you would.

Around noon a coworker came by,
And gently tapped his desk.
“Would you like to go to lunch?”
He took his headphones off. “I guess.”
And she asked if he was doing all right
And he said “I’m fine” as he stood
You wouldn’t press him on the matter
…But I wish you would.

And all throughout the day he smiles,
Talks as if he’s there
But the smile doesn’t reach his eyes
And anyone could tell if they would care

And in the evening he got a telephone call
“Hello, how’ve you been,”
He paused the movie, sat back on the couch
to talk to his old friend
Who asked if anything was the matter
And he said, “No, I’m good”
You wouldn’t question any further.
…But I wish you would.

You wouldn’t think anything of it
…But I wish you would.

You wouldn’t see I really need you
…But I wish you would.

This one’s interesting because the “fault” rests in both the sufferer and the bystanders. I personally am pretty bad at noticing when my friends need support, even though I consider it very important to be there for someone when they need you. And fortunately I haven’t been on the other side very often, but when I am again I need to remember to ask for help.

Inspired by my friend Robert’s “I’d Hate To”.

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Part of Poem-a-day 2012. Title donated by Jose G.