it started with a fart

…and I looked his way
My complaint died on my lips
From the cut of his chin to his noticeable abs
And his very attractive hips

I found myself nervous
I found myself blushing
I found myself holding my breath
I caught myself staring and looked at the ground
I was overwhelmed half to death

“Stay steady,” I said
To myself, “Stay strong.”
I carefully stood from the chair
And, forcing a casual grin on my face
I started to walk over there

He turned as I walked,
With one eyebrow raised
A small flush—of guilt, or for me?
I nervously stuck my hands in my pockets
“Hi” “Nice to meet you,” said he

And that’s how we met!
And now you know
Though maybe not quite so auspicious
We’ve now been together for almost a year
He’s the answer to all of my wishes

So may you yet find somebody like him
In places unlikely or dim.

Part of Poem-a-Day 2014. Title donated by Kevin V.