"Nega Jordy" (the song)

I’m out of titles for Poem-a-Day 2014, so instead you get a song parody, based on the poem for Flora L’s title “Alternate Universe Nega Jordy Takes Over the World!”. I got the idea pretty much the day after writing the poem because the title scanned so well.

The original is by Simon and Garfunkel, and is actually based on a poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson. I feel a little bad because this parody keeps none of the morals and a lot less of the cleverness; maybe I’ll do a straight cover some day.

If you’re on a slow internet connection, you might want to download the audio instead.

They say that Nega Jordy
Has a share of every site
He’ll stab you freely in the back
To your face he’ll be polite

Born to privileged family
A software-minded child
He had everything a man could need
Power, wealth, and style

But I
I work in his company
And I curse this world we live in
And I curse no privacy
And I wish that I could be
Oh, I wish that I could be
Yeah, I wish that I could be
Nega Jordy

He freely fostered open source
To use for his own ends
And the leaders of the media
He counts among his friends

And the rumors of his parties
Gaming tourneys on his lot
He surely must be happy
With everything he’s got


He tweets all his activities
We know everywhere he goes
Nega Jordy goes to Washington
Nega Jordy at a show

So my mind was filled with wonder
When the trending topics read
Zombie apocalypse broke out last night
Nega Jordy presumed dead