Not growing up, just burning out

“Am I just growing up, or am I growing old?” - “The Drive”, The Animators

Green is the color of a warm bright home
A nice familiar balance for this biodome
So known to us all that you might not even see it
Or realize if that facade were hiding someone’s secret

Red is the color of ambition overblown
Of a giant sphere of influence too big to be known
And perhaps some regret, for we know no one comes near
It’s been too many years for you to whisper in my ear

Blue is the color of a self-fired flame
Destined to dance and to disseminate their name
Their light to be cast upon many thousands’ eyes
One brilliant point amidst immensely larger skies

White is the color of endings e’er dimmer
With ambition and beauty only glimpsed in a shimmer
No catastrophic collapse into all-consuming voids
Just a fade into night amongst the asteroids

Part of Poem-a-Day 2014. Title donated by Tom L.