Platypus Pie

Sandrine, would you like
Some platypus pie?
If I have the feet
Then you take the eye.

Oh yes, George, I would
Do cut me a slice.
And pour me a bit
Of tea; that’d be nice.

Sandrine, I must say
You’re stunning tonight.
Your earrings, I love.
Your eyes are so bright.

Oh George, you’re so kind.
I think the same, too.
You look rather smart
In your dashing suit.

Why, thank you, my dear;
It cost quite a bit.
But I would prefer
I were out of it.

George, what do you mean?
I’m not sure that I’m
Quite comfortable
With that sort of line.

Oh, please don’t upset
Yourself in this way.
I love you, Sandrine.
I want you today.

Best be on my way!
Thank you for the pie.
Don’t call me again.
Good day, George, good bye!

Part of NaNoWriMo Penance. Title donated by Margaret W.