The Golden Goal

Spinning, smacking, arcing, soaring
Striker’s made a solid play
Chance of winning never closer
Lifting, rising, shoot away

Jumping, sprinting, stretching, hoping
Defender making one last stand
Everything is on the line
Straining, missing, passing, land

Grasping, grabbing, moving, reaching
Keeper tries to save it all
Perhaps it works as fingers touch
Tipping, tapping, turning ball

Flying, forking, failing, falling
Sent now towards the right-side bar
A sound and shudder, contact made
Hitting, rolling, bouncing far

Running, chasing, kicking, sliding
Last chance now with scores the same
One last shot or two lost chances
Whistle blowing, slowing, GAME.

Part of Poem-a-Day 2014. Title donated by Sara H.