The Noodle Incident

It had been a boring innocuous day
With no time for luncheon; to make up for that
My roommate had started to microwave something
Just dumped in a bowl from its plastic wrap

Three seconds too early the microwave beeped
The two of us started in sudden surprise
The door popped right open and from inside emerged
A thing with tan tentacles and fiery eyes

It slithered forth calmly from inside the box
Still sparking midst darkness from whence it had come
Summoned by power at fifty percent
And one minute thirty for serving size one

Then with a pharyngeal shout it advanced
And jumped off the counter with sickening smack
It landed full-splayed on linoleum tile
And heaved its way up to a tall straightened back

Frozen with shock we stood in the door
Knew no course of action from faith or from science
Never in two years of renting had we
Been host to a creature come from an appliance

With no way of knowing our invader’s intentions
Benign, even friendly, was all we could hope
Yet we were in luck, for what it did seek
Was a box, all but empty, of dishwasher soap

Draining the powder still left in the box
It contracted quite quickly with a satisfied wheeze
And with one burst of light it was back on the counter
Shut itself up without difficulties

Three seconds later the clock beeped again
But we’re still in awe from detergenty theft
“I’m not eating that, nor buying again.”
“That’s what you say now. There’s still five packs left!”

There we go. Structured and random and fun. Gotta make sure things don’t go too crazy this month.

…wait, this is normal?

Part of Poem-a-Day 2014. Title donated by Nadine S.