The Only Thing Left is Google

There was a bit of surprise when the numbers went down
The first time the internet e’er contracted
Somehow, though gradually, the news got around
I’m not feeling lucky.

But no, it was something stranger than this
The structure behind all new information
Choosing to discard unfortunate bits
No plus-ones to that.

It was easy enough, once all was aligned
To pull the weave of the web of the web into shape
And though some objected, most were resigned
One account for everything.

The few other networks slowly collapsed
Brought down by their weight, though some say by crook
And with that the rest of the internet lapsed
Without being evil.

But then it surpassed what anyone dared
And page after website had started to fall
Not even internally-hosted was spared
So much for Watch Later.

Without any traffic, what good would it do?
With more and more content avoided or blocked
And soon the last holdouts were taken down too
Search results: zero.

Thus falls the World Wide Web, frayed unto its ends.
But the Internet beneath lives on, soon to rise again.

Not sure I quite managed to capture the idea: not so much a hostile Google takeover as a Google pinioned by Great-Firewall-esque policies, to the point where putting up information is pointless because no one will ever find it. Actually pretty implausible.

Part of Poem-a-Day 2014. Title donated by Zon F.