Treading Water

Keep on pushing out those hands
Keep pedaling your feet
You might have been on top of the world
But who can really see beneath?
The vastness and the beauty
The danger and the need to breathe

Treading water
Keep my head above the waves
Treading water
Keep on waiting for better days
Treading water
Until finally someone saves me
But no one’s gonna save me
So I’ll swim myself to shore in time.

Out in this sea of bodies
There’s no one else around
It feels like it’s been so long
Since you’ve stood on solid ground
Listen to the roar of the world
You just cannot make a sound


Some don’t make it out
Some just slip away
Some of us who fight the hardest
Are denied another day
And always people come and go
Though you wish that they could stay
But nobody floats forever
We’ve got to continue on our way


Another song! This one’s vaguely reminding me of The Paper Raincoat’s “Brooklyn Blurs”…and oddly, 2NE1’s “Clap Your Hands”. (I really do have to try playing/singing all these some day.)

Part of Poem-a-day 2012. Title donated by Christine L.