Genetic Discrimination

This is a follow-up post to Tuesday’s “Society vs. Individual Choice”.

It’s not entirely unreasonable to conflate ethnic and gender discrimination under a common term “genetic discrimination”—you have no control over your ethnicity or sex1, and you may be discriminated against because of either. In the past, such discrimination was institutionalized, and your choices were limited because of the results of your birth lottery. In the present, such discrimination is…still practiced, and your choices are limited because of the results of your birth lottery.

Let’s take this out a bit farther: when would such discrimination be…

Punnett Squares

I was re-reading Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and came across the part where Harry tries to explain genetics—

*cough* If you haven’t read this fanfiction, it’s pretty darn awesome. Harry Potter meets Science.

—anyway, I won’t spoil it, but they were talking about a certain genetic trait. The phenotype is either +W or -W, and they were trying to figure out what the genotype was. Harry explains the monohybrid cross you probably learned about in high school Bio, where there are two alleles, W and w. To find out how the genotype and phenotype relate, they…