A CHS Veteran's Day/Weekend

I have a penchant for ambiguous phrases, which is why I call myself Chigaijin and why this post is so oddly titled. Even if the presence or absence of the slash sorta indicates which side of the ambiguity the meaning falls on.

This weekend was my second visit back at CHS. (I’ve been home but haven’t interacted with my old high school and friends until now.) I should spare a few thoughts for last week’s choir concert (the day of the earthquake, no less). Mr. Aron commented that he didn’t realize Cantos (Adv. Women) was “earth-shatteringly good.” (I think he meant “earth-shaking” but whatever.) But the real stars of the show, as always (sorry, other choirs!) was Cappella, the Advanced Mixed Choir I was in during the last two years. They were amazing, performing (as usual) more songs than any other group, and with the addition of a music shell I think they were actually better than the UC Men’s Chorale.

And really, that’s not an insult to us but a testament to the amazingness of Mr. Aron, who I owe a lot of my current singingness to.

You Know You're a Bass When...

  • …you sing no more than four English words in most of your songs.
  • …you can sing your line without any printed lyrics at all. (“Bass language”)
  • …you know who Barry Carl is.
  • …your note is “Do” for at least half the song. If it isn’t, there’s probably a key change in the next few measures.
  • …your voice resonates in sinks or stairwells. Seriously.
  • …unbuttoning your collar doubles your volume.
  • …you can put out a flame with your voice! (re: Mythbusters)
  • …your part in a playbill is “A Voice Not Unlike God”. (Yeah Patrick!)
  • …you’re asked to show F on the…

And What I Leave Behind

I’ve written two graduation posts so far, but neither of them really included references to my experience at CHS, and more importantly the people I got to know and love. (This was not an oversight on my part. I planned it that way from the beginning. *grin*) So this post, probably my last that’s directly about my own experience at CHS, will try to cover all of the groups that helped me, shaped me, made me me in my last four years.

Seminar: It started with Philip, Roger, and Gautam, and our “Us Board” project. We made “alternate universes”…