There’s been a little thought experiment I’ve been asking (cis) people over the last year or so, just because it’s interesting to hear the responses:

If you woke up tomorrow with a body clearly of the opposite sex—different voice, different chest, different height and body shape, whatever—and you were going to have to go about your day like that…what pronouns would you want people to use?


“Sorry sorry sorry sorry…”

A week or two ago I did something to a friend that was pretty impersonal, even though we’ve known each other since high school. (And there’s not too many people I’m still in touch with from high school.) When they called me out on it (during a text conversation), my response went like this: wasn't just you and I wanted to talk in person but you're right and I'm sorry.

Apologizing for a mistake or for something you forgot is easy. Apologizing for something you actually did deliberately is harder—it’s admitting not only that you …


I recently got a temporary crown on one of my right molars, which stays on until my next appointment. During this time I’m, reasonably, supposed to avoid chewing on the right side of my mouth whenever possible. (And absolutely no hard candy or anything over there!)

Now, I’m not OCD, but I do have quirks in that direction. One of them has to do with symmetrical chewing — in addition to using both sides of my mouth to chew, like most people, I have a tendency to deliberately start using one side if I notice I’ve been favoring the other…