There’s been a little thought experiment I’ve been asking (cis) people over the last year or so, just because it’s interesting to hear the responses:

If you woke up tomorrow with a body clearly of the opposite sex—different voice, different chest, different height and body shape, whatever—and you were going to have to go about your day like that…what pronouns would you want people to use?

Towel, Ashley, Acxiom

Wait, I missed another NaCreSoMo day? And a weekend day too? …Oops.

Yesterday I spent a fair amount of the day with my lead actor Mark for that music video, filming what’s hopefully the last missing scene. That means the video’s basically done, right?

Well, not quite. Last time I showed a screenshot of the Final Cut Pro project. Apart from simply cutting clips together and arranging them in the timeline, there are a few more steps of post-production: color correction, sound cleanup1, and, um, this:

One of the scenes has Mark falling backwards onto the grass.…

Minsoo and Morgan

Welcome to NaCreSoMo Day…Four‽ What happened to Three?

“[I]f you push too hard, it’s a lot less fun”…so don’t worry about Rule 4.

Oh, that’s right, I did say that. All right, then. Today’s Creation is a sketch of the characters from Day 1 when they were in…let’s say middle school?

This has nothing to do with the story from Day 1, and indeed I’m pretty sure the two of them hadn’t even met each other at this point. I just wanted to sketch the boy on the left and figured it might as well be Minsoo. Morgan’s kind of…