"Talking About Race"

I saw this go by on my Twitter feed today, as part of a larger tweetstorm.

My reaction: “The heck?”

Problems with The Martian

That’s really it for the “review” part of the review, but I’d like to point out the bit of problematic casting here. Weir’s book has a reasonably diverse cast, although that was largely for identification purposes.

Movie Review: Selma

I saw Selma a few weeks ago now, so some of it has faded. But I think my overall impressions are still what’s here.

I thought David Oyelowo was a charismatic and likeable protagonist who anchored the film well; he definitely filled the role. I also liked Carmen Ejogo as Coretta Scott King; ironically, I felt like she was among the most well-defined beyond her relationship to MLK compared to other characters.