Being Todd Hopper

A few months ago I got to be in a short play called “Interracial Dating: An Olympic Achievement” (as part of BAD Rep Theatre). The premise: in a world where dating is a sporting event, all the way down to the sportscasters, one woman tries to find the perfect match. If you aren’t reading that in the Dramatic Movie Announcer Voice, you’re doing it wrong.

Movie Review: Wonder Woman

I finally watched Wonder Woman.

I did not think it was very good?

What were you all talking about.

I don’t really need to introduce Wonder Woman, because everyone was talking about it. It’s a superhero movie. It stars a woman, which is a positive change. It’s set in World War I.

And it really isn’t much more than action.

"Talking About Race"

I saw this go by on my Twitter feed today, as part of a larger tweetstorm.

My reaction: “The heck?”