"Memoirs of a Student" (part 6)

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Ohtori Academy was exactly what you’d expect for a ritzy private boarding school. We had our badminton courts, our swimming pool, our rooftop cafeteria…our stables and our fancy flower gardens. We lived in dorms and had dinners in big dining halls, cooked by school staff. Everything we needed was provided…though we did have to pay for it. That said, the school seemed to have a generous endowment, since I know myself and several others were there on scholarships of one form or another.

This is not to say that Ohtori was a lax…

"Memoirs of a Student" (part 5)

(previously: 1 2 3 4)

Izakaya Takahashi wasn’t the best place around, but it was conveniently located, clean, and reasonably priced. And besides, they’d been coming here for years, now.

Shinohara leaned on her hand, her elbow on the table. “I just feel like I’ve hit a wall, is all. The project’s not going anywhere.”

Kazami, impeccably dressed as always, reached out to grab another piece of karaage. “When you originally told me about it you said it was going to be autobiographical.” He neatly popped the chicken in his mouth and set his chopsticks down again.

“I know,…

"Memoirs of a Student" (part 4)

(previously: 1 2 3)

“Moshi moshi?”

“Hello, Fujino-san. This is Shinohara Wakaba. I’m not sure if you remem—”

“Wakaba? From Ohtori Academy? Eeh, how are you? How have you been since—wow, middle school? What are you doing these days…”

Shinohara blinked, then broke into a smile, holding the phone a little further away from her ear. To be honest, she barely remembered this girl—well, a woman now—who had been at Ohtori for less than a week before transferring back out. But at this point, she might know something that the rest of them hadn’t.

People told Shinohara she was…