Parental Authority

I was eating lunch in a park today, and happened to sit near enough to overhear the conversation of two men nearby. One was apparently about to enter the military (probably the US Army) and was asking the other about his experiences. The other was happy to oblige, and spent some time on how leadership works in a platoon. He particularly noted how if the platoon leader is too weak or too strong, it interferes with the ability of people above and below to lead as well. (This is good general leadership advice.)

However, he described one of his previous…


There’s been a little thought experiment I’ve been asking (cis) people over the last year or so, just because it’s interesting to hear the responses:

If you woke up tomorrow with a body clearly of the opposite sex—different voice, different chest, different height and body shape, whatever—and you were going to have to go about your day like that…what pronouns would you want people to use?


Miki’s eyes snapped open.

Pink curtains. Stuffed animals.

Rather, Tatsuko’s eyes snapped open.

Here we go again.

For about two months now, Maebara Miki and Teraoka Tatsuko had been experiencing what the internet was calling “Kimi-byō”, or “You Syndrome”. About once a week, the two high school students would wake up in each other’s bodies, an experience that would usually last until they went to sleep at night. The phenomenon seemed to only be occurring in Japan, although there were a few unconfirmed reports from South Korea as well. When the first cases had been discovered, scientists from all over…