And What I Leave Behind

I’ve written two graduation posts so far, but neither of them really included references to my experience at CHS, and more importantly the people I got to know and love. (This was not an oversight on my part. I planned it that way from the beginning. *grin*) So this post, probably my last that’s directly about my own experience at CHS, will try to cover all of the groups that helped me, shaped me, made me me in my last four years.

Seminar: It started with Philip, Roger, and Gautam, and our “Us Board” project. We made “alternate universes”…

The End of an Era

It’s high time I quit working on the blog software and actually posted something on my blog. It’s been almost a week since Guys and Dolls ended…and it feels like it’s been a lot longer. The end of an era.

The true-drama people now move into One Acts and R&J, and we others…well, we are still Ancora-jin, and we’ve got a few things up our sleeves. I’m not going to give them away just yet (although it’s not a very well-kept secret), but rest assured that our next song (or songs !) will probably be familiar and quite fun for…

Coming Up Next...

Hey, everyone. Feeling bored this Friday? Come to the IDC Talent Show at Monta Vista HS, starting at 7:00! Tickets are $5 with ASB and $7 without, and Ancora will be there, performing some of our best songs yet! Come and cheer us and the other Tino groups on! (Or, you know, cheer us and other schools on.)

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