"Four Days in Ohtori"

that brings me to the other reason I’m liking this game

they /didn’t/ make the protagonist a duelist. they /didn’t/ put them on the student council. they /didn’t/ give them powers

you’re just a /normal student/, who gets to hang out with all the people from the show

this is good in so many ways

…I am rhapsodizing somewhat, maybe this should be a blog post

That was me a few days ago, talking to That Friend Who Introduced Me To Both Umineko And Utena, and in this case the latter is relevant.

Psycho-Pass 4: "No One Knows Your Mask"

Hey, it’s the The Nether episode!

A little over a year ago my friend got a group together to see this play—the very friend who’s been most ardently recommending Psycho-Pass to me for years. In addition, this was also where I met the friend who recommended Umineko (and Utena), so it was a pretty significant event in shaping my media selections over the past year.

The Nether is also a fantastic play, and I encourage you to go see it if it’s ever playing near you. Definitely rated PG-13 at least, though.

Psycho-Pass 1: "Crime Coefficient"

Okay, folks, this is happening.