Umineko Sketch

I again wasn’t sure what to do for NaCreSoMo today, but eventually I landed on doing a sketch (from reference) of the box art for “Umineko: When They Cry”.

The Only Thing Left is Google

There was a bit of surprise when the numbers went down
The first time the internet e’er contracted
Somehow, though gradually, the news got around
I’m not feeling lucky.

But no, it was something stranger than this
The structure behind all new information
Choosing to discard unfortunate bits
No plus-ones to that.

It was easy enough, once all was aligned
To pull the weave of the web of the web into shape
And though some objected, most were resigned
One account for everything.

The few other networks slowly collapsed
Brought down by their weight, though some say by crook


Today is the antepenultimate day of NaCreSoMo! I do love that word, though it will be a little sad for the month to end.

Getting away from the stories, today’s post is a tiny tiny little text adventure, inspired by a project for the class I TAed back in college.

There are lots of computers here. [up, code]

? up
Soda Hall
The home of Computer Science at UC Berkeley. [down, out]

? out
The Outside World
It's bright. You are likely to be eaten by a flyerer. [in]


But to give it an extra twist, I wrote it in Lolcode.