Madoka Halfway Commentary

I said I was going to finish Madoka by New Year’s; as is I might finish it by Christmas.

I suppose it’s too bad that I knew Madoka was going to turn dark, because so far things are turning out pretty much as I’d expect, rather than what someone might expect from a show with a cute opening named Puella Magi Madoka Magica. There is one exception—

Psycho-Pass 1: "Crime Coefficient"

Okay, folks, this is happening.


Movie Review: Kimi no Na wa

Makoto Shinkai’s 君の名は。 (“Your Name.”) is a funny, sweet, and pretty movie. Nearly every friend who had seen it recommended it, and it’s apparently the highest-grossing anime movie ever (surpassing Spirited Away). And it’s showing in US theaters for a week. Of course I was going to go see it.

Fully no-spoiler verdict? It’s pretty good, but either you’ll like the characters and the style or you won’t. I don’t exactly know who I’d recommend it to—it’s not a deep, life-changing movie, but at the same time I did find myself rooting for the characters by the end, and I know some of my friends found it very moving.