Re: Creative Efforts in March 2010

JoMoWriPoShoSto (a.k.a. “March”) is over, and I think it was a success! Unfortunately, I’m not continuing into April with this, mostly cause…well, cause I’m lazy. But it did remind me to keep my creativity UP.

As promised, all1 works have been posted online; you can view them all and peruse at your leisure.

Specific entries might be of specific interest to specific people:

  • Jon, Ching-Ching, TomWedding Dress translation (at or near the top)
  • Candace — A writer’s version of Bad Romance (near the top)
  • Rebecca, Lily — The villanelle about color (search “villanelle”)
  • Yi — Math limerick…

Wedding Dress

This came about because I like doing “good” translations of songs, where “good” means both true to the original meaning and lyrically, musically, and prosodically pleasing at the end. Most translations (or parodies) only accomplish one of these.

The original song “Wedding Dress” (Taeyang) is pretty great. I picked it up from my K-pop friends, and (later) they came across this translated version (J. Reyez and Tommy C.). This is actually a very good one (I love the nod to “Apologize”), but it loses a bit of the original story. So then to back up my claim that I could…

Bad Romance

This is inspired by my first thoughts on hearing of a song called “Bad Romance” (Lady GaGa), then on knowing only half the chorus or so. Still wish it had been this.

Oh, caught in a Bad Romance.
Oh, caught in a Bad Romance.

When we first meet, you’ll offer your help.
But I’ll decline; I’ll stand up for myself.
You’ll fall in love, love love love
You’ll fall in love.

Then we’ll meet once when I’m sad and it’s night.
You’ll give me your coat and you’ll hold me real tight.
Show me your love, love love love