NaNoWriMo Limericks

New rule: all NaNoWriMo stories must come with an accompanying limerick. Let’s see…

2007: Adrift In The Wind

A college student’s been feeling low
Then gets sent to a land far ago
Where magic is real
And so are the feels
Hey, they say write what you know!

(this was a pretty bad piece and no, you can’t read it)


We all dream of a perfect release
(Or one with no regressions, at least)
With all of this merging
We must be converging!
But there’s never a moment of peace

Since everything’s coming in new
There isn’t that much we can do
With bug work delayed or
“We’ll get to it later”
We’ll ship a point update or two

You know there’s no use in pretending
With the way that the bug counts are trending
If the problems come faster
Than each one can be mastered
Then the work to be done is unending.

Part of Poem-a-Day 2015. Title donated by my flatmate’s coworker.

Alternate Universe Nega Jordy Takes Over the World!

“Well,” he said. “That was easy.”