That language, ever-evolving thing
A wondrous thing, that we know
So let’s watch a metaphor come into being
The spoons of Miserandino

A spoon for getting up, for eating
“Can I have more?” “Let’s see—no”
A spoon for shopping, working, leaving
How many did you see go?

Some days you have more spoons to use
Some days you’re stuck with fewer
Some days you think you just might lose
Though ’nvisible to viewer

And thus a useful concept made
Into a phrase to share
That any hear, and understand
Hawaii to Delaware

Perhaps not universal yet
Months past, a group…

I am a tree, you are a bee

I am a tree, you are a bee
Let’s have fun with polysemy.

I am a tree, you are a bee
The third is the farmer who owns the property
I take the farmer; they leave with me
You are a bee.

I am a tree, you are AB-
Testing the implementations of me
Red-black or array-based (always binary)
I am a tree.

I am a tree, you are a “be”
You head the predicate infinitively
I contain the whole sentence inside of me
You are a “be”.

IM a tree, you are a bee
Busy enough to send messages…

Red Big Ball

Part of NaCreSoMo, because this is what interested me today.

Today at lunch my coworkers and I were talking about languages, a topic that will always interest me. One coworker passed along a particular example of a language quirk that I hadn’t really thought about before:

You can say “big red ball”, but you can’t say “red big ball”.

Say what? In American English, at least, the “big” really can’t go after any other adjective.