Hell, Backpack, Pokémon

As promised, here’s the last of the three songs I recorded for that audition, and also my favorite.

The song is called “Your Name Goes Here”, and it’s from a musical called A Match Made In Hell that I was in in fall 2013. (As a member of the ensemble, not this character, Harry.) It was good to be performing then, and last week just reminded me that if I want to keep doing things like that I can’t wait for them to just fall in my lap.

NaCreSoMo "CubeQuest" & Pompeii/Daughter

As the penultimate day of this year’s NaCreSoMo, I’ve made a short scavenger hunt / quiz challenge in the spirit of Dropquest. To answer the questions, you’ll have to go look at posts by other NaCreSoMo participants!

For the best experience, use a recent version of Safari or Google Chrome.

"Jizz in the Cafe" (Mashup)

This is the least classy NaCreSoMo post to date. I am so sorry.

On the other hand, it’s probably one of the more classy versions of this song.