"Will I hide you?"

Fair warning, friends. I have a new standard for letting non-Jewish people in my life, and it’s called “Would you hide me?”

It goes like this: Would you hide me? If your answer isn’t obviously and immediately yes, you’re not allowed in my life.

(from Max Goldberg’s “I’m Jewish. Would you hide me?”)

"Hey, Allison"

He gets home, kicks off his shoes, drops his bag. No roommates around: maybe still at work, maybe out with SOs or coworkers. He drops into his chair.

“Hey, Allison.”

hey jordan.

He grins. “Since when do you call me ‘Jordan’?”

since you’ve started calling yourself ‘jordan’. haven’t you noticed? i’ve been doing it for weeks.

“I guess I didn’t.”

or you did but now you’ve forgotten.

“You know me so well,” he said dryly.

[she rolls her eyes.] i ought to.

“So. How are you?”

…eh. nothing exciting.

“Nothing, really?”

work is work. friends are…around. nothing particularly worth commenting…

What's in a Name?

Yesterday’s story for NaCreSoMo featured a version of me as the main character, and was told in third person. As I mentioned then, that’s already a weird situation for me, but there was one complication in particular that went beyond the usual: was the character “Jordan” or “Jordy”?