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Incredibles 2

Exactly what it claims to be. Exactly what I expected and enjoyed from an Incredibles sequel. If you liked the original Incredibles (or Big Hero 6), it’s worth seeing.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a comedy adventure about kids who get sucked into a video game. But everyone watching it knew that was going to happen going in; we’re just there for the spectacle.

Verdict: it was fun, but it’s nothing special, and it relies on cultural stereotypes a little too much for its jokes, especially around its single black character. I do enjoy actors getting to play characters that don’t match their appearance (at one point Dwayne-The-Rock Johnson gets to gleefully cry “I’m a nerd!”), and that was probably the main draw of this movie. Well, that…

Movie Review: The Death of Stalin

The Death of Stalin is a movie about the power struggles among the Central Committee in the Soviet Union when Stalin, well, dies. (Spoiler alert?) It’s a black comedy directed by the same person who did the show Veep, if you’ve heard of that. (I’ve heard of it but haven’t actually seen it; nevertheless, the comparison still helped going in.)

Honestly, the movie was a little too dark for my tastes. A lot of the humor involves violence, or juxtapositions of the mundane against violence, or the Committee members making jokes about violence; what didn’t have to do with violence…

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