Movie Review: Kimi no Na wa

Makoto Shinkai’s 君の名は。 (“Your Name.”) is a funny, sweet, and pretty movie. Nearly every friend who had seen it recommended it, and it’s apparently the highest-grossing anime movie ever (surpassing Spirited Away). And it’s showing in US theaters for a week. Of course I was going to go see it.

Fully no-spoiler verdict? It’s pretty good, but either you’ll like the characters and the style or you won’t. I don’t exactly know who I’d recommend it to—it’s not a deep, life-changing movie, but at the same time I did find myself rooting for the characters by the end, and I know some of my friends found it very moving.

Movie Review: Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is a lot like some of the other mathematician / scientist stories we’ve seen in the past few years, like The Imitation Game or the NASA parts of The Martian: it follows the story of a mathematician, an engineer, and a technical supervisor at NASA. We get to see their personal and professional lives as the US tries to catch up to Russia in the Space Race of the 1960s, all three of them ultimately playing pivotal roles.

Of course, Johnson, Jackson, and Vaughn are also all black women, and so we get to see how again and again they are passed over for promotion, condescended to, dismissed—and that they succeed despite this. Representation matters, and doubly so when it’s a true story.

Movie Review: Arrival

I wanted to like Arrival. I really did. I knew the actual linguistics aspect of it was going to be minimal, but even so I want more of these movies, the science fiction that isn’t just “war in space” given proper treatment on the big screen.

But as you can infer from that first paragraph, I just didn’t find it very good.

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