"Dear You" (sketch)

Today’s entry for NaCreSoMo is a cappella sketch of one of the more iconic songs from Higurashi: When They Cry.

"Mado Kara Mieru" (Chiptune WIP)

Today for NaCreSoMo I took a hint from last year’s chiptune and made an arrangement of a tiny bit of Christopher Tin’s “Mado Kara Mieru”.

NaNoWriMo 2016 (U)OST

This year’s NaNoWriMo is heavily based on the visual novel Umineko: When They Cry. Consequently, I’m imagining a soundtrack very much like Umineko’s, for if my story were also turned into a visual novel.

(I have to resist the urge to actually do this in December. I don’t have the art skills or access to the right set of backgrounds, and transferring text into visual novel format is slow going.)

Anyway, I’m effectively building a soundtrack out of songs from Umineko and elsewhere. So if you want to know what my novel sounds like, you can check it out here.…