NaCreSoMo Wrap-Up

NaCreSoMo 2015 is over, and…

Well, mostly it’s not that different, except I have a bit more free time now. And it wasn’t a frenzy of production like it has been in the past; instead it was mostly just a normal month, except I made sure to post something every day.

(Or at least nearly every day. Allowing things to slip or get coalesced into later days made it a lot less stressful.)


There’s a thought experiment about teleportation, sometimes called the Star Trek Problem: if there’s no continuity between the source and destination, you’re not moving someone from one place to the other. You’re destroying the source and creating an exact copy at the destination. If you didn’t create a copy at the destination, you’d be killing the person.

So the obvious extension: what if you create two copies?

"Bechdel Tests"

What’s it like up on the net?
The best and worst that it can get
Where minds can meet in rapid bursts
Or ’tleast in asynchronous flirts

What’s it like where all is text?
Where common interest intersects
With all your heart could need to please
Its fractal hub communities

What’s it like, the public square
The tumult, clammer, hubbub where
The darker mass issues decrees
And threats at worst indecencies

What’s it like, the public eye
With no way back, no cheered goodbye
What’s it like, a life hard-pressed
Now filled with storied Bechdel tests

What’s it like? You…