"Morning Glory": Building a Mystery

I mentioned on Tuesday that I brought the start of Morning Glory to my writing group, and that they generally seemed positive about it. One fellow writer asked what it’s like to write a mystery—whether I plan the whole thing out, or what. Surely I have to know the culprit the whole way through, right?

(Yes, the post title is a reference to that Sarah McLachlan song.)

NaNoWriMo Limericks

New rule: all NaNoWriMo stories must come with an accompanying limerick. Let’s see…

2007: Adrift In The Wind

A college student’s been feeling low
Then gets sent to a land far ago
Where magic is real
And so are the feels
Hey, they say write what you know!

(this was a pretty bad piece and no, you can’t read it)

"Morning Glory" and Knox's Decalogue

Today was the third meeting of the writing workshop group I’m now in. It’s a wonderfully varied group, with everyone writing very different pieces and yet still managing to provide what seems like useful feedback. I can’t wait for one of the pieces we workshop to get published somewhere.

So far the only thing I’ve brought to the group myself is “Years Later” from 2015, but I’d really love to figure out how to bring Morning Glory—not because I want to publish it, but because I think writing at length is where I’m most interested in improving…