"Soulless Pacifist"

New guitar cover! This one’s a parody of the song “Full Disclosure” (MAJOR SPOILERS) from the show Steven Universe; my version’s about the game Undertale. I’ve left it abstract enough that the biggest spoiler is the title, and it won’t even really be a spoiler until you actually get to that part of the game. So you’ll either know what it’s about, or have absolutely no idea.

"UseRoaming no"

Hey, it’s been almost a year since we’ve had a computer security issue bad enough that I have to sing a song about it! This time around the bug only affects “computer people” who use “ssh”, “scp”, or “private keys”. But for those of us who do…oh gosh.

Jack be nimble, Jack be Swift (TM)

Jack be nimble, Jack be Swift
Jack use guard instead of a nested if.

Jack Gnass only used class
His wife enum and struct
And till they worked together
Each’s programs really sucked.