lost on me

Harmonies, impressive feat
Rhythm pulses, steady beat
Bright and gleeful melody
But I admit it’s lost on me

A lovely voice, three-octave range
The music artfully arranged
However pretty it may be
I must admit it’s lost on me

The instrument, sonatas grand
Plastic, dead, beneath my hand
But it’s my private tragedy
It’s I who’ve lost ability
It’s I who’ve changed; ’tis lost for me

Discarded in the paper spells
Jammed folded into plastic shells
Without my ear, perhaps I see
The lyrics: music meant for me.

Part of Poem-a-Day 2013. Title donated by Steven J.

The Ballad of Joe Programmer

git clone --recursive $SRC
cd loadd; ls
cat README && head INSTALL
emacs main.s

git clone --recursive $SRC
cd AdventureApp
open -e ReadMe.txt
xcodebuild > tap

git clone --recursive $SRC
cd production_site
rake build; rake test; rake rdoc &
vim theme_assets_white

killall server; killall vim
cat serv.log | tar
sudo shutdown -P now
rm -f *

Chainsaw Dynamo

At last my new invention is complete
At last my generator clean and free
Provides the world its electricity
And will forever change the human race

And yet I know I cannot show my face
For in this perfect case none would believe
That in this offer I do not deceive
When I say it could change the world for good

’Tis well they’re cautious, for indeed they should
Be wary of such bold and unchecked claims
But I expect to go down with those names
Of Franklin, Tesla, Edison, and all

So when at last intruders come to call…