Old Happened

Millions of centuries, millions of stars
Drought in California, water on Mars
Computer in your pocket, computer on your wrist
Global warming, earthquake warning, struggling to exist

40-inch TV now swapped for the 5
Both polio and pandas soon no longer still alive
America the conqueror, America the free
Black Lives Matter, housing debt, and me

A lot of things changing, not all of it good
But there’s not an establishèd way that it should
So take you what comes, and then come what may
Watch the light ever dawning upon a new day.

Bonus haiku:

Count by days,…

HI-Approved Finger

Though we’ve tried very hard, a few issues linger
And we want everything to go well
Please only use an HI-approved finger

This flagship product, our new profit-bringer
That is, if it’s good enough to sell
Though we’ve tried very hard, a few issues linger

We market to both left- and right-wingers
So we can’t go too far, or we’ll end up in hell—
Please only use an HI-approved finger

We wanted to make an attractive ringer
But we ran out of funds for a real bell
Though we’ve tried very hard, a few issues linger

The audio interface is…


We all dream of a perfect release
(Or one with no regressions, at least)
With all of this merging
We must be converging!
But there’s never a moment of peace

Since everything’s coming in new
There isn’t that much we can do
With bug work delayed or
“We’ll get to it later”
We’ll ship a point update or two

You know there’s no use in pretending
With the way that the bug counts are trending
If the problems come faster
Than each one can be mastered
Then the work to be done is unending.

Part of Poem-a-Day 2015. Title donated by my flatmate’s coworker.