"You Be…"

A memory from, oh, let’s say fifth grade: my friend and I wanted to play a game, some kind of mock fight. I’m unsure whether it was supposed to actually have rules or whether it was just setup for a usual kids’ (“boys’”?) play-wrestling. But when we were getting ready to play, my friend asked my a strange question: “Are you a Pikachu, or a Ry-a-chu?” I didn’t have an answer ready, and so he decided, “You be Pikachu, I be Ryachu.” Then he reconsidered: “No, I be Pikachu, you be Ryachu.”

Hell, Backpack, Pokémon

As promised, here’s the last of the three songs I recorded for that audition, and also my favorite.

The song is called “Your Name Goes Here”, and it’s from a musical called A Match Made In Hell that I was in in fall 2013. (As a member of the ensemble, not this character, Harry.) It was good to be performing then, and last week just reminded me that if I want to keep doing things like that I can’t wait for them to just fall in my lap.

"Distractingly Hot"

The sound of the door crashing shut came through the wall, followed by a muffled “oops”. Morgan lowered their tablet and set it on their chest, then pushed themself up to a more proper sitting position on the couch. The stiffness in their back told them they had been slouching lower and lower this entire time.

Minsoo came into the room, still wearing his bag. “Hey, Morgan,” he said cheerfully. “How was your day off?”

Morgan levered themself up to a proper sitting position as Minsoo plopped into the big stuffed chair. “Pretty good,” they said. “I went to that…